Owen’s Super Bowl LIV Film Room: Patrick Mahomes

Since the 2nd February I have watched Super Bowl LIV more times than I can remember.

But it’s not enough. It will never be enough.

So in order to give myself an excuse to watch even more tape, I have decided to throw together a few film review articles for you all to enjoy.

With that being said, sit back and get ready for the first installment of the very creatively-named ‘Owen’s Super Bowl LIV Film Room’ (I am very much open to alternate name suggestions).

Today we’re starting off with Patrick Mahomes, because why not?


The Super Bowl MVP had a rollercoaster of a game. He started particularly slow and seemed flustered by the 49ers defensive powerhouse. But where did his mistakes come from? I’m glad you asked.

The exact same thing happened on the next play and forced the Chiefs’ offence to go three and out on their first drive.

However there’s only so long you can hold off the MVP before he starts making plays. Mahomes came back on the very next drive and looked a lot more comfortable.

Mahomes had a habit of faking out the San Francisco defenders and was extremely successful doing so.

However, when he struggled to get out of the pocket, Mahomes couldn’t manipulate the defence as easily. 

The play design here is actually very similar to the second video. Hill was on a slightly deeper curl route than the one he ran on the nine yard reception, but the concept remains similar.

However, because Mahomes wasn’t able to get outside the pocket, he struggled to manipulate the defence and it resulted in a pick.

The 49ers scored a touchdown on the following drive and really showed the importance of making the most out of these opportunities.

Earlier in the game, after Kansas City’s defence picked off Garoppolo near the beginning of the second quarter, Mahomes tried to use the team’s momentum to drive the ball down the field.

He handled the pass rush really well here to make a great play.

Despite Mahomes giving us a handful of good plays across the first three quarters, it still seemed like he was having a shaky game. However in the final 15 minutes he really started to flex his Super Bowl MVP muscles.

He led the offence to 21 unanswered points in the final quarter of the game to pull off his third consecutive playoff comeback victory. In case you hadn’t realised yet, our quarterback is really good at football and you are about to see a few examples of why.

Mahomes also took matters into his own hands at this stage in the game. After a less-than-favourable first down, the MVP was fighting to keep the drive alive.

It wasn’t long before his main contributors got involved again.

I’m also going to include this little play on his Super Bowl LIV highlight reel because I can.

However, as unbelievable as this may sound, Mahomes did in fact make a mistake or two in the 4th as well.

So there it is, a few of the most memorable moments from Mahomes’ Super Bowl debut (both good and bad).

This has been the first time I have ever put together a full film breakdown so let me know how I got on and where I can improve for next time.

Speaking of next time… ‘Owen’s Super Bowl LIV film room: skill positions’ is coming soon.

All of the footage seen in the piece was sourced from NFL Gamepass.

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