Taking the Rough with the Smooth – A Chiefs fans journey to greatness

There’s not a great deal positive to be taken from the Coronavirus. However we’ll take the good where we can and the NFL have made Game Pass free to view for a while so if you are in self isolation, like myself, then let me recommend some games to watch and remind ourselves how we became Super Bowl Champions…

2012 Chiefs record 2-14

Best image I could find from that season. To give you an idea of how bad this team was back then, it was Week 10 before we had the lead during regulation. Just let that sink in for a moment. Week 10. We did manage to win a game in that period. My first recommendation is

Week 3 – Chiefs @ Saints. I may be biased here because I was at this one, but when the team goes 2-14, the highlights are few and far between and any time you get to see Jamaal Charles rip off a 91 yard touchdown run then you have to take it.

The season was all downhill from that point. The low was undoubtedly when linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend at home before driving to the Chiefs practice facility and killing himself in front of general manager Scott Pioli and Head Coach Romeo Crennel. The team was in free fall and the season ended with.

Week 17 – Chiefs @ Broncos. If you need reminding of how far this team has come, watch this. It’s not for the faint hearted. This game saw Pioli and Crennel fired and a new era dawned.

2013 Chiefs record 11-5

What a difference a year makes. The dawn of the Super Bowl era. The Chiefs bring in Andy Reid as head coach and new GM John Dorsey trades for Alex Smith to give the team it’s first competent QB/HC combination in years. Who could have figured that getting both of those decisions right could lead to success? 9 straight wins to start the season followed by a bit of a wobble but a pair of key wins in road games at Washington and then

Week 15 Chiefs @ Raiders. Sticking a 50 burger on teams is fun. Doing it in Oakland? Even better. Your running back has nearly 200 yards receiving? Better again.

Sadly this season was to end in the Wildcard round

Wildcard Chiefs @ Colts. Yes, it’s painful to watch. Blowing a 28 point lead in the 2nd half. Losing about a million starters to injury during the game. But it was part of the learning curve.

2014 Chiefs record 9-7

Time to take the next step. Quarterback and head coach in place, the team was ready to go beyond the wildcard round. The season opened against a terrible Tennessee Titans

Week 1 Titans @ Chiefs. To lose one starter to a ruptured Achilles injury is unfortunate. To lose two is a dagger blow. When one was star middle linebacker Derrick Johnson, the defence was dealt a blow that it couldn’t recover from.

Over time the team recovered, despite losing Eric Berry to Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was tempted to put the spanking of the Patriots in here but there was more than one of those in the coming years so I’m going with

Week 11 Seahawks @ Chiefs. Old school. Two really physical teams beating the crap out of each other. Every yard was hard earned. The Seahawks were to go to the Super Bowl that year, you could see why. The Chiefs were beginning to measure up very well against serious contenders.

2015 Chiefs record 11-5

A 1-5 start is less than ideal. Teams don’t make the playoffs with that record. Finding was to lose at home to bad teams is what bad teams do

Week 5. Bears @ Chiefs. The Bears were a bad team, the Chiefs lead by 14 at half time. It should have been game over. It wasn’t.

However, some teams are made of different stuff. Those teams can come back and reel off 10 straight wins to end the season with a winning record and a wildcard place. They go to Houston and spank them 30-0. Not quite ready for the next step, we go to New England and can’t quite get the job done. Progress. During this season the highlight on this side of the pond was without doubt

Week 8. Lions @ Chiefs. The Chiefs in London. What a weekend. Just watch it and let all the memories flood back.

2016 Chiefs record 12-4

Regular winning seasons now. A 12-4 record, the first in a row of AFC West Champions. The team is really starting to gel. The return of Eric Berry to being a key piece of the defence culminated in

Week 13 Chiefs @ Falcons. Eric Berry returns to his home town. The Falcons were on fire, so were the Chiefs. This was an epic game and #29 wrote the unbelievable ending.

However, the team was still flawed when it came to the playoffs. They were developing a reputation for choking in the big games.

Divisional Round Steelers @ Chiefs. Can’t stop the run? Well at least you can stop them scoring touchdowns. What’s that? You still lost? How…

2017 Chiefs record 10-6

Starting the season away at the Super Bowl champion Patriots. Chances of winning, low.

Week 1 Chiefs @ Patriots. Enter Kareem Hunt, 250 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Chiefs show they are contenders.

But a 5-0 start gets wasted as a losing streak puts us at 6-6 including

Week 11 Chiefs @ Giants. I was in Iceland, listening to this on a bus from Vik back to Reykjavik. It was a long journey and this really didn’t help. FGs all round.

The skid was finally snapped with a 4 game winning run to finish the regular season. Back to back AFC West titles took us to the wildcard round at home to the Titans. When is forward progress not forward progress? When it’s the Chiefs post season. Another improbable loss.

2018 Chiefs record 12-4

Enough of losing in the playoffs in creative fashion. Time to give the previous years no 1 draft pick the reins. A taster in the last regular season game at Denver the previous season had whetted the appetite. But he couldn’t do it over 16 games and beyond could he? Teams would have film on him.

Week 1 Chiefs @ Chargers. I could have picked pretty much any of the first 5 games of the season here. I went with the first because it was all so new. A quarterback that could create something out of nothing. The weird arm angles, the flick of the wrist for 50 yards. It was Showtime. Watch the side arm delivery on the slant to Tyreek, he’s gone, touchdown. It was the start of something special.

Number 1 seed was secured. Homefield advantage all through the playoffs. The Colts were dispatched with ease bringing a rematch with the Patriots. This year it would be different. This year we had a superstar quarterback.

AFC Championship Patriots @ Chiefs. What’s that flag? Offsides. Defence. Noooooo.

2019 Chiefs record 12-4

Just watch it. On repeat. The journey is complete, the lessons were learnt, the mountain was climbed.

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