Chiefs Draft Picks – Where Are They Now ??

With the world the way it is, the only resemblance of sport is teams picking players to fill up their rosters for a potential non starter of a season. Even so, it is still one of the most exciting moments of the NFL calendar, a day(s) where dreams are made and teams dreams are born. Finished 4-12 last season like the New York Giants? No worries, so did the 49ers in 2018 and they made the Superbowl! (we all know how that ended).

With the Draft around the corner we decided to take a look back at The Chiefs top 100 draft picks from the last few years to see, where are they now?

2019 Draft

Pick 56 – With KC sending their late first rounder to the Seahawks to grab Frank ‘the shark’ Clark, our first pick was at number 56. Chiefs’ selected Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia. With Tyreek Hill’s status unknown, the speedy wide out was seen as a developmental ‘Cheetah’, but with Hill’s return, Hardman played a big part in KC’s Superbowl win with 26 receptions, 538 Yards and 6 lightening TD’s in 2019. Expect bigger things from Mecole in 2020

Pick 63 Juan Thornhill, Virginia. Many’a Mock Drafts had Juan to KC in the first round before we traded it away, but luckily for us he dropped to us in the second round. Juan had an impressive rookie year, with three INTs, stepping into the gaping hole in Chief’s secondary next to key free agent singing Tyrann Matheiu.

Pick 84 – The cartwheeling, front flipping, Khalen Saunders. We saw some good things from Khalen in 2019 stepping in for Chris Jones when he was out, recording his first NFL sack on the great Aaron Rodgers!

2018 Draft

Pick 46 – Breeland Speaks – Unfortunately for Speaks, he spent the season on IR after picking up a right knee injury in the preseason and it now seems an upwards struggle to even make the roster in 2020.

Pick 75 – Derrick Nnadi – Derrick fared better than Breeland, he was active for all 16 regular season games and recorded a sack, forced fumble and even an Interception in 2019 and will likely feature heavily in 2020.

Pick 100 – Dorian O’Daniel – Sadly for Dorian, it doesn’t seem like he fits Spags’ system as we saw a decrease in usage in 2019, 7 total tackles on the year tells you all you need to know, but as its stands hes on the roster for 2020.

2017 Draft

Pick 10 – Patrick Mahomes –
Welp, not a bad pick this one! Nine (9) teams passed on the league and now Superbowl MVP, how or why, we don’t care, but John Dorsey, Brett Veach and co have set KC up for the next decade of amazing QB play by trading up to get 15.

Pick 59 Tanoh Kpassagnon – We actually saw something out of K’Pass this season under Spags! He more than any seems to have benefited from a change of coaching staff and all of a sudden has gone from a cut candidate to a firm roster spot in 2020. He will look to build on the four sacks he recorded in 2019.

Pick 86 – Kareem Hunt – Sigh, there is no denying Kareem’s talent but unfortunately off the field problems stopped his chances of repeating the leading rusher title of his rookie season. After news reports we wont go into, he was promptly released by KC, only to be picked up by the Browns and after his suspension came back to play a role for Cleveland in a split backfield. However he didn’t quite look the same as he did in the red and gold and more off field concerns may hold him back, we wish him the best.

2016 Draft

Pick 37 – Chris Jones – Chris played a leading role when on the field this season in KC’s first Superbowl title in 50 years. Unfortunately, but rightfully he deserves and wants to be paid like a champion, while there is no questioning his talent, we may not be able to keep him at the price he seeks. We will see if he is on the roster come Week 1.

Pick 74 – Kei’Varae Russell –  Unable to get to grips with the defense and “not standing out in training camp” his career was over before it started in KC and he was waived without playing a game. He signed with The Bengals, but is now a free agent after a brief spell with The Chargers and it remains to be seen whether he will play another NFL snap.

Pick 105 – Parker Ehinger – Life comes at you fast, Parker started his first four NFL games for The Chiefs, but was placed on IR after tearing his ACL, In 2018 he was traded to The Cowboys for Charvarius Ward who has become a key player in KC. Parker on the other hand has been waived four times since by, Dallas, Jacksonville, Arizona and Baltimore.
So there it is, a mixed bunch! But it shows how hit and miss the NFL Draft can be. The thought is that with the future contract of our savior Patrick Mahomes, we may have to look more and more to the draft rather the free agency to top up the talent levels on the roster.

As it stand we have the 32nd, 63rd, 96th, 138th and 177 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, we wait to see who the apples of Brett Veach’s eyes are, but there’s not long to wait with the draft just over a month away!

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