Kingdoms Reunite II

They say you should never go back.

They say sequels never live up to the originals.

Well we’re going to show everyone just how wrong they are!

In 2017 around 30 Chiefs fans from the UK made the trip over to Kansas City, for many it was the first time they’d been to Arrowhead. The Chiefs confirmed we were the largest international group of fans ever to make the trip.

The highlights were many and often and cemented friendships and camaraderie previously separated by thousands of miles. To name but a few we partied in Power & Light, sampled as much of the world famous KC BBQ as humanly possible, toured Arrowhead Stadium, tailgated with (and like) locals and held the flag on the field during the pre game ceremony. All topped off by a last minute Harrison Butker debut FG to beat the Redskins on MNF! Phew.

We think it’s high time we went back.

The world can be a strange and scary place at the moment so we felt it was the right time to lift some of the lockdown blues and give us all something to look forward to when all this is over. (As well as plenty time to save up!).

So please join us in marking the Arrowheads Abroad Kingdoms Reunite II Tour in your calendars for Autumn 2021. Whether you’re from the UK, Europe, KC or anywhere else we’d love to have you there with us.

We’ll come back with all the boring details like dates, etc in due course (likely this time next year once the 2021 schedule is known) but in the meantime join us in looking forward to the next exciting chapter of the Arrowheads Abroad story.


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