The Mock Draft Board

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Snow on the ground, in Kansas City at least, the anticipation of the big man coming and bringing lots of new toys to play with. The hope that the next year will be better than the last. Yes, it’s almost time for the Arrowheads Abroad live mock draft. I’ve read more scouting reports than my kids have presents on the Christmas letter to Santa, we’ve interviewed Kent Swanson from Arrowhead Pride to talk about the Arrowhead Pride Draft Guide and how to approach attacking pockets.

We’re all set. The draft board is done, unlikely to change. Although it is on version 17 or so at the moment so that’s not set in stone. With that in mind, let’s get down to business..


Do the Chiefs need a Tackle? I think I might have read that somewhere. Long arms required. If you aren’t comfortable with Lucas Niang starting there having had a year off, despite Andy Reid’s praise, then we need to address that early. Sammy Watkins departure left a hole at Receiver that probably isn’t Demarcus Robinson or Byron Pringle shaped. The cornerback room still looks thin on the ground unless Brashard Breeland comes back. Again. A Linebacker that can cover would be useful but not high on the list. Looking longer term there is depth needed on the O Line, Long and Dr Larry are back after a year off but how much do they both still have in the tank? Pass rush was an issue at times last year, a good edge rusher or two to add depth and allow rotation would be very helpful.


So I’ve broken down our draft board into rounds. Essentially who I would feel comfortable picking and which round I would be happy to take them. There is a little need bias thrown in here and there is a little position bias thrown in too. Some of the players could go early in the round, some could go later, the option could be there to trade down into a lower round and pick up the player we like. That’s the beauty of the draft, you just don’t know how it’s going to shake out. So, without further ado, let’s bring out the board in no particular order…

1st Round

Samuel Cosmi OTTexas6ft7300lbs
Alija Vera-TuckerOTUSC6ft4300lbs
Jalen MayfieldOTMichigan6ft5319lbs
Teven JenkinsOTOklahoma State6ft6315lbs
Terrace MarshallWRLSU6ft3200lbs
Rashod BatemanWRMinnesota6ft1210lbs
Kwity PayeEDGEMichigan6ft4277lbs
Jaelan PhillipsEDGEMiami6ft5258lbs
Gregory RousseauEDGEMiami6ft5260lbs
Patrick SurtainCBAlabama6ft1203lbs
Jaycee HornCBSouth Carolina6ft1205lbs
Caleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech6ft2197lbs

Some of these are likely gone long before we pick. Patrick Surtain, for example, is probably going in the 10 to 15 range. But if by some madness he drops into the mid 20s maybe we’d consider a trade up for him. I’d love Sewell, Pitts and a couple of others but I just don’t see circumstances where they become available. In an ideal world, we go OT here.

2nd Round

Liam EichenburgOTNotre Dame6ft6305lbs
Alex LeatherwoodOTAlabama6ft5312lbs
Dyami BrownWRNorth Carolina6ft1195lbs
Creed HumphreyIOLOklahoma6ft5312lbs
Landon DickersonIOLAlabama6ft6326lbs
Wyatt DavisIOLOhio State6ft3310lbs
Trey SmithIOLTennessee6ft6331lbs
Pat FreirmouthTEPenn State6ft5250lbs
Brevin JordanTEMiami6ft3245lbs
Carlos BashamEDGEWake Forest6ft3281lbs
Joe TryonEDGEWashington6ft4251lbs
Jayson OwehEDGEPenn State6ft3245lbs
Nick BoltonLBMissouri6ft232lbs
Jabril CoxLBLSU6ft3233lbs
Eric StokesCBGeorgia6ft1185lbs
Greg NewsomeCBNorthwestern6ft1190lbs
Aaron RobinsonCBUCF6ft190lbs
Tyson CampbellCBGeorgia6ft2185lbs
Jevon HollandSOregon6ft1196lbs
Trevor MoehrigSTCU6ft1208lbs

Some of these are going to be available early in the 2nd if we want to trade down out of the 1st, some will be available mid round if we want to trade up, some at the end of the round if we stay put. CB and IOL are good options here.

3rd Round

Brady ChristensonOTBYU6ft6300lbs
Walker LittleOTStanford6ft7309lbs
Stone ForsytheOTFlorida6ft9315lbs
Dillon RadunzOTNorth Dakota6ft6301lbs
Tylan WallaceWROklahoma St6ft190lbs
Josh PalmerWRTenessee6ft2209lbs
Amon Ra St BrownWRUSC6ft1194lbs
Aaron BanksIOLNotre Dame6ft5338lbs
Quinn MerinezIOLWisonsin6ft3320lbs
Deontet BrownIOLAlabama6ft3364lbs
Tommy TrembleTENotre Dame6ft4248lbs
Hunter LongTEBoston College6ft5235lbs
Dayo OdeingboEDGEVanderbilt6ft6276lbs
Jordan SmithEDGEUAB6ft6255lbs
Rashad WeaverEDGEPittsburgh6ft4235lbs
Patrick JonesEDGEPittsburgh6ft4234lbs
Payton TurnerEDGEHouston6ft5270lbs
Pete WernerLBOhio State6ft2242lbs
Dylan MosesLBAlabama6ft2235lbs
Baron BrowningLBOhio State6ft3241lbs
Jamin DavisLBKentucky6ft3234lbs
Chazz SurratLBNorth Carolina6ft1227lbs
Shakur BrownCBMichigan State6ft180lbs
Kelvin JosephCBKentucky6ft1192lbs
Asante SamuelCBFlorida State5ft10184lbs
Andre CiscoSSyracuse6ft209lbs
Richie GrantSUCF6ft200lbs
Talanoa HufangaSUSC6ft205lbs

The 3rd round looks like a strong round for defence. Plenty of options at EDGE and LB here, or possibly some high upside development OT if we look to double dip there.

4th Round

Robert HainseyOTNotre Dame6ft4290lbs
Spencer BrownOTNorthern Iowa6ft8314lbs
D’Ante SmithOTEast Carolina6ft5294lbs
Nico CollinsWRMichigan6ft4215lbs
Sage SurrattWRWake Forrest6ft3215lbs
Simi FehokoWRStanford6ft4220lbs
Ben ClevelandIOLGeorgia6ft6335lbs
Josh MyersIOLOhio State6ft4312lbs
Tre McKittyTEGeorgia6ft4247lbs
Janarius RobinsonEDGEFlorida State6ft5266lbs
KJ BrittLBAuburn6ft239lbs
Ambry ThomasCBMichigan6ft182lbs
Trill WilliamsCBSyracuse6ft2198lbs
Benjamin St JusteCBMinnesota6ft3200lbs
Caden SternsSTexas6ft1207lbs
Divine DiabloSVirginia Tech6ft3226lbs
Paris FordSPittsburgh5ft11190lbs
Damar HamlinSPittsburgh6ft1201lbs

Plenty of development options here. Some big WRs to take a look at, maybe another Sneed waits in one of the DBs. There are gems there, we just have to find them.

5th Round and beyond

Austin WatkinsWRUAB6ft3210lbs
Tammorian TerryWRFlorida State6ft4209lbs
Jaelon DardenWRNorth Texas5ft9174lbs
David MooreIOLGrambling State6ft1350lbs
Michael MenetIOLPenn State6ft5273lbs
Sadarius HutchinsonIOLSouth Carolina6ft4320lbs
Drake JacksonIOLKentucky6ft2290lbs
Chauncey GolstonEDGEIowa6ft5268lbs
Charles SnowdenLBVirginia6ft6232lbs
Garret WallowLBTCU6ft2230lbs
Grant StuardLBHouston5ft11230lbs
Derrick BarnesLBPurdue6ft245lbs
Robert RochellCBCentral Arkansas6ft195lbs
DJ DanielCBGeorgia6ft1185lbs
Tre BrownCBOklahoma5ft9188lbs
Deommodore LenoirCBOregon5ft11202lbs
Tariq ThompsonSSan Diego State6ft200lbs

A lot of Special Teams fodder here with the outside chance they develop into role players. Good options at IOL again, Golston the EDGE is a personal favourite too.

Dry run Mock Draft

A few players were available at 31 that I liked and I fancied I could still get somewhere high in the 2nd. The Bucs wanted to trade, they gave me a 4th to move up one spot. Too good to pass up. I then offered the Jets 32 for 34 and a 4th, they duly accepted. At this stage the last 1st round player on my board was Mayfield so I took him. So many options at the end of the 2nd round, this is probably the hardest pick, but I went with ‘Baby Gronk’ Pat Freirmuth because the idea of Andy Reid with a pair of TE that can run and catch is too fascinating to pass up. I had multiple 3rd round EDGE at 94 that I liked, in fact I dipped back in at 137 because one was still available there. The pair of 4ths that I picked up in the trades added a big bodied WR in Palmer and IOL depth in Banks. Late rounds were then used to stock up on defence with a pair of CB hoping to find another Sneed along with a replacement for Sorenson for next season.

All told, I’d be very happy with something like this if the board falls well when we do our live mock, but, you never know…

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