A Draft Past and Present

“A Draft past and present” – a look at the trends of the Chiefs’ draft picks

Over the last few weeks, I set out to look at the Chiefs’ previous drafts under Andy Reid, and how that looked with two different GMs since 2013. I wanted to establish if there were any similarities in positional targets, and/or Colleges drafted from. In doing so, I uncovered a few interesting things.

After analysing my findings, I figured I’d share those with you all in a 3-part article, culminating in some ‘educated’ predictions about the upcoming 2022 Draft in Vegas.

In Part 1 we look at the draft history under John Dorsey. So, let’s get into it.

General observations

John Dorsey and Andy Reid have made: 38 draft picks over 5 NFL Drafts (20 Offense & 18 Defense) favouring @ offense with 52.63%

Brett Veach and Andy Reid have made: 24 draft picks over 4 NFL Drafts (10 Offense & 14 Defense) favouring @ defense with 58.33%

The Chiefs have drafted under Andy Reid as Head Coach (HC) over 9 Drafts. Across those 9 Drafts, 62 selections have been made, comprising of 30 Offensive, and 32 Defensive prospects.

In the 9 drafts under Andy Reid, whether with Dorsey or Veach, what I’ll term the ‘late rounds’, 5-7 (27 picks), the Chiefs have continued to give equal attention to drafting Offensive and Defensive prospects (15 Offensive and 12 Defensive).

In those ‘late rounds’ teams are generally looking to draft for the future, and are looking for more developmental prospects, as opposed to those players who will provide an immediate impact or see a lot of playing time in year 1 with the team. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way, take Trey Smith as a prime example of that from the 2021 draft.

In the late rounds, 17 picks were made with John Dorsey as GM, and 10 picks with Brett Veach at the helm.

In the ‘early rounds’, Rounds 1-4, teams are looking to try and draft players who can make either an immediate impact, or players who you would hope would be able to come in and contribute in games, with the potential to start in the coming season; more likely, looking to start in Year 2 after a season of training with, and learning the schemes of the team.

In the ‘early rounds’ the Chiefs made 21 picks under John Dorsey, and 14 under Brett Veach (15 Offensive and 20 Defensive). As with the late rounds, the split of Offense and Defense appears to be relatively equal.

Dorsey and Reid

Starting with the 17 Dorsey/Reid ‘late round’ picks, only one College was revisited to select a prospect, both coming in Round 5 in 2013 and 2014 when the Chiefs selected from the Georgia Bulldogs (Sanders Commings and Aaron Murray).

When adding in the ‘early rounds’, Dorsey and Reid drafted from Georgia AGAIN in 2015, when making both a 3rd and a 4th Round pick taking Chris Conley and Ramik Wilson. This marked the fourth such time that Dorsey and Reid drafted prospects from the Bulldogs.

Twice more in the early rounds, the Chiefs have returned to another College under Dorsey and Veach. In both 2013 (3rd Round) and 2016 (4th Round) the Chiefs selected Travis Kelce and Parker Ehinger respectively, from the Cincinnati Bearcats.

The final College drafted from more than once shows the Chiefs drafting in the ‘early’ and ‘late’ rounds in 2015, taking Steve Nelson (Round 3) and DJ Alexander (Round 5) from Oregon State. Those three aside, no other College was revisited by the Chiefs between 2013 and 2016.

When considering positional value under Dorsey and Reid, the Chiefs selected in Rounds 1-4 on 21 occasions, and in Rounds 5-7, 17 times. It is worth noting that in four of their five years together, Dorsey and Reid used a 1st Round pick, the only time they elected not to do so, was in 2017 when trading their first-round pick away to move up for the ‘Grim Reaper’ himself, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II. Of those 21 early round picks, the Chiefs made 11 Offensive picks, and 10 Defensive picks, they selected the following positions:

Wide Receiver3
Running Back3
Interior Offensive Lineman2
Interior Defensive Lineman1
Tight End1

Of the 17 late round picks, the Chiefs selected on 17 occasions with 9 Offensive picks and 8 Defensive picks, selecting:

Wide Receiver2
Interior Offensive Lineman2
Tight End1

Evidently, the Chiefs under Dorsey and Reid selected Cornerback more than any other position in their drafts together, taking 7 overall. With 5 Linebackers, and 5 Wide Receivers. At the other end of the spectrum, Dorsey and Reid elected to only take 3 Edge defenders, 1 Defensive Lineman, and 1 Safety. All positions of need in the coming draft.

One point to note, was that under Dorsey as GM and Reid as HC, the Chiefs’ average number of selections across their 5 draft classes was 7.6, with 9 picks made in both 2015 and 2016.

So, what did the Chiefs’ draft approach look like when Dorsey departed, and Brett Veach took the helm…. Read about it in Part 2 tomorrow.

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