What’s next?

1,239 yards, 111 catches, 9TDs. That is what the chiefs have to replace going into the 2022 season having traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. But Tyreek also has one of the most unique set of skills on the league that can’t be replaced like for like, leaving KC needing a WR1. 

“Do we have time to run wasp?” A quote Chiefs fans will never forget, a play executed by the most dangerous duo in football, Mahomes hit Hill and turned the Super Bowl tide towards the Chiefs giving them their first Super Bowl in 50 years. 

Since then the league has caught up to the Chiefs and have bracketed the pair, forcing them to work underneath and it has resulted in some miss-haps. Three of Mahomes’ interceptions last year came after hitting Hill’s hands, he also dropped 13 passes (2nd highest in the NFL) as KC worked through some offensive struggles. Chiefs still hosted the AFCCG and looked back to their unstoppable self in the first half, we all know how it ended. 

That was 53 days ago. 

Yesterday the news broke that talks had stalled and shortly after Tyreek Hill was traded to the Dolphins for a First, Second, fourth and two picks next year. KC now go into the draft with six picks inside the top 103, meaning KC now have the capital to trade up, trade for players or totally retool their roster.

But what’s next for KC? 

  • Trade for a proven WR? KC have already spoke to Seattle and Jags about DK Metcalf, Lockett and Laviska Shenault Jr.
  • Bring back Honeybadger? KC now have the cap space to do so, with the trade reportedly giving KC the most cap space in the NFL 
  • Go after a vet CB like Gilmore
  • Draft SIX of the top 103 prospects in the draft
  • Move up! KC can package their picks and move up to around nine, 
  • According to the trade chart that “no one uses anymore” the other picks from Miami could also be packaged to equate to another first rounder, whether a team would do that is another matter! 

“It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about!”… Don’t we all know it! As I walked the dog yesterday I snapped this pick in the sun in my AA gear of course, little did I know what was to come! There was no rumours of this coming but it didn’t come out the blue to Chiefs front office who probably worked on it for weeks. 

Who knows what’s next or what the plan is… I’m sure Brett Veach does! Enjoy the ride! 

Thanks Tyreek for the memories!

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