“A Draft past and present” – a look at the trends of the Chiefs’ draft picks – Part 2

After covering the Chiefs’ draft history under John Dorsey in Part 1, we take a closer look at more recent draft strategy under Brett Veach at the helm in this second part of ‘A Draft past and present’. That being said, let’s get into it.

Veach and Reid

In the years drafting under Brett Veach, the Chiefs’ late round picks produced only 10 picks to date, despite that, Tennessee Longhorns were visited on two occasions, and both coming in the 6th Round, when the Chiefs selected Khalil McKenzie and Trey Smith in 2018 and 2021 respectively.

In the early rounds of the draft, Veach and Reid have returned to one other College to select, when picking up Derek Nnadi and Joshua Kaindoh in 2018 and 2021 respectively with two of their 14 picks.

When looking at the entirety of the draft under Veach and Reid however, Clemson were visited on two occasions, with one pick early in the 2018 and one pick late in the 2021 draft. On those occasions the Chiefs selected both Dorian O’Daniel and Cornell Powell respectively.

Considering all selections with Andy Reid as the Chiefs’ HC, a clear standout emerges, with the Chiefs selecting Georgia prospects on FIVE occasions. The closest ‘revisited College’ to Georgia is Tennessee, with three selections being made over the years, with six other Colleges being returned to on at least one further occasion (Missouri, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Clemson, Florida State and Michigan).

Under Veach and Reid the Chiefs have selected in the early rounds on 14 occasions, and in the late rounds on 10. Unlike Dorsey, Veach has elected to use a 1st Round pick on only ONE of his four opportunities to do so.

Of the Veach era early round picks, the Chiefs have made only 4 of their 14 selections on Offense, with 10 being spent on the Defense. The positional selections look like this:

Interior Defensive Linemen2
Running Back1
Wide Receiver1

Of the Chiefs’ 10 late round selections, 6 were used on Offensive weapons, with 4 being spent on the Defensive side of the ball. The positional breakdown being:

Wide Receiver2
Interior Offensive Linemen2
Running Back1
Tight End1
Interior Defensive Linemen1

I have a bit of a penchant for analysing data, and what is plain to see from the outset, is that Brett Veach rarely likes to use a draft pick in Round 1. Some Chief’s fans will like how that turned out, in Clyde Edwards-Helaire, whilst I know others will not.

Looking at the breakdown of the Chiefs’ 14 early round selections, there’s a big difference in the number of picks used to draft Defensive talent, as opposed to Offensive weapons. In using only four picks on Offense, only two of those were on ‘skill position’ players, Mecole Hardman (2019) and CEH (2020).

In the late rounds, the Chiefs have invested picks in looking to pick up developmental Cornerbacks, Wide Receivers, and Interior Offensive Linemen.

Unlike the strategy of John Dorsey using draft capital held by the Chiefs on most occasions, Brett Veach has traded away capital on several occasions. It is worth noting that although Dorsey’s average number of draft picks was 7.6, Veach has used 6 picks in every single one of his four drafts to date. With the Chiefs currently possessing 11 picks in the 2022 Draft, will Brett Veach keep them all, or revert to type and leave himself and the Chiefs with his favoured 6?

So, what does the above research tell us about the upcoming Draft in Vegas? Look out for some predictions and potential prospects in Part 3.

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