All Tea Team 2022

We’re not alone in counting Terez Paylor as a friend of the group, we’re also not alone in continuing to miss him. Draft time was Terez’s time, a highlight was always his ‘All-Juice’ team. Not always the best, or the prettiest, or the biggest prospects but real dudes who, like Terez, worked hard to get where they are and weren’t going to stop doing that in the pros.

To that end we present our second All-Tea Team. A collection of players who, for likely more nebulous reasons than Terez favoured, have caught our eye during our draft prep. A strong story, an interesting journey, a cool name – we cover it all.

We hope you enjoy and, most of all, we hope Terez would have approved. Please consider giving a donation, if you can, to the Terez A Paylor Scholarship fund through this link, under ‘designation’ select ‘other’ and enter ‘Terez A. Paylor Scholarship‘.

David Ojabo – LB/DE, Michigan. I’ll be honest, I’m writing this article from Edinburgh so having a player on the Chiefs roster with Scottish connections gets me a little giddy. Born in Nigeria, Ojabo spent 10 years in Aberdeenshire before his family moved to the States. There isn’t a huge amount of tape on Ojabo as he hasn’t played a huge amount of football, what there is hints at a versatile and fluent pass rusher with a very high upside. Until his awful achilles injury suffered on his pro-day he was very likely to be gone before the Chiefs got to the podium on day 1, with two first round picks though the Chiefs just might be able to take a flier on him if his injury takes him off many teams’ lists. If they did I have a feeling David Ojabo would very quickly become a fans favourite – I can guarantee it in this household at least.

David Ojabo – we could get used to this smile in a Chiefs jersey

George Pickens – WR, Georgia. Despite the free agency additions arguably the Chiefs still need a number 1 receiver. While no one can replace Tyreek Hill’s unique skill set George Pickens would go some way to replacing his swagger. Do a quick search for him shushing the Michigan sideline then causally obliterating their DB before shushing them again. It’s exactly the sort of alpha attitude needed to dominate as a number 1 option, some call it swagger, others chutzpah, in Scotland we call it ‘gallus’ – regardless, we like the cut of his jib. Pickens is more than just a mouth though : he’s big (6’3″), he’s fast (~4.40s 40 time), he can run a route, he can catch and is a genuine downfield threat. There’s some roughness round the edges and he’s another player coming off a bad injury (ACL) so there’s plenty work to be done, Pickens is another day 2 gamble that could pay off big time.

George Pickens casually taking a DB’s soul

Tyler Badie – RB, Missouri. Chiefs Kingdom loves a RB (Charles, Holmes, Okoye) they also love a local prospect (Bolton), well Tyler Badie is a twofer. A small RB who didn’t test particularly well isn’t going to push a player up many draft boards, however, despite these ‘limitations’ Badie led the SEC in rushing yards and set the Tiger’s single season record with 1600+. All Tea is all about the size of the fight in the dog : play up, play hard, it doesn’t matter how big you are.

Jelani Woods – TE, Virginia. If the NFL built a lab and designed the perfect player (and if we’re being honest, do we really believe they won’t try?), they’d do no better at Tight End than Jelani Woods. He scored a perfect 10 in the RAS (Relative Athletic Score) testing, at 6’7″ and 259lbs the man is huge and bringing him down in open field is akin to tackling a runaway deer. He’s far from the finished article right now but imagine giving him time and letting him learn from the best for a couple of years, it’s a potentially scary prospect.

Josh Paschal – DE, Kentucky. High character? CHECK Book smart? CHECK Leadership? CHECK Mental & physical toughness? CHECK. That’s a walk into the All Tea team in our books. Paschal is a cancer survivor who returned not only to playing but playing at a very high level. 2021 was the best year of his college career with 15 TFL and 5 sacks. He’s a player who lives in the opposition back field and, on paper, also ticks a lot of the Spags boxes for his prototype DE. One to watch if the Chiefs are looking for a day 2 rusher.

Josh Paschal – box ticker extraordinaire

Charleston Rambo – WR, Miami. Charleston : The quintessentially British tea dance. Rambo : The All-American action hero. Who wears a red headband on game day? Patrick Mahomes. Nuff said.

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