Kingdoms Unite


Ever wondered what it sounds like when 70,000 fans end the national anthem with ‘and the home of the Chieeeeeeeeeeeefs’? Ever wondered what it feels like to do ‘The Chop’ in Arrowhead? Well wonder no more.

In 2017 Arrowheads Abroad peaked with a triumphant trip to Kansas City. Around 30 Chiefs fans from across the UK made the pilgrimage over to sample the best BBQ in the world, the best tailgate in the world and the loudest stadium in the world. We had a BLAST!

Obviously a lot has happened in the world since then, some of which has delayed our return but delay no more, 2022 is the year of the #KingdomsUnite tour, once again we will visit our spiritual home.

When : Week 5, 10th October 2022

Where : Arrowhead Stadium, Kanas City, Missouri, USA

What : Raiders @ Chiefs on MNF

We cannot recommend the trip enough, in 2017 we toured Arrowhead Stadium, ate our weight in BBQ and the trip culminated with a late win over Washington (anyone remember Harrison Butker’s debut?). Pre game we were hosted by the legendary Lot D crew for the best tailgate party ever and got to hold the flag on the field. IN-CRE-DI-BLE.

This time we’ve already lined up an Arrowhead tour and tailgate and we have an amazing weekend in an amazing city to look forward to.

Now to the boring bits. Same as last time we’re doing this as a DIY trip to save on travel agency fees. So you book your own travel and accommodation (although we’ve been looking at group AirBnB options which will hopefully increase the fun/decrease the costs) and we’ll work together to buy group tickets. Most people are going for 4 nights (Friday – Tuesday) flying home the day after the game. Others will be coming from the week 4 game in Tampa Bay or staying on for week 6 when the Bills come to town, so really you can tailor the trip to suit.

If you’re interested and want to find out more then drop us an email to or contact us via any of our social media accounts and we’ll give you as many details and help as we can.

Hope to see you there. How bout those CHIEFS.

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