Kingdoms Unite – Tour Diary – Day 2

The Ring

If you checked out how bad yesterday was in the Day 1 edition of the tour blog, then you’ll know we had the choice of staying in New York and missing the stadium tour, or legging it across New York and getting here ridiculously late.

I’m so glad we chose to come last night.

Where to begin? We were all up by 7, out for breakfast at 8. Wandered down to Mildred’s for some food, I’d highly recommend it. From there a leisurely stroll back to the AirBnb before heading out to Arrowhead for the stadium tour.

I struggle to put into words how good Mike and Chris were on the tour. Which is a shame because I’m writing this blog, so I at least have to try. Imagine you’ve access to everywhere you never knew you wanted to go with the people who know everything about it and you’re part way there. Behind the scenes stadium access with someone who has worked there for over 30 years, knows all sorts of stories and history about everything you are looking at. From the heights of the Press Box to down on the field to talk to the grounds man, there wasn’t anywhere we missed. Locker rooms? Well, I could tell you whose jerseys weren’t out for Monday night, but we can’t break Mike’s trust so I’ll not say just now. Ask me on Tuesday.

The personal highlight for me was the Press Box. As you may or may not know, we had a good relationship with Yahoo Sport’s Terez Paylor. He sadly passed away far too young last year. The Chiefs have put up a sign in his honor and retired his seat in the press box. I got to see them both today and I don’t mind saying I was a little emotional although I thought I hid it well.

Ever wanted to try on a Super Bowl ring? Or an AFC Championship ring? We got to do both. Mike very kindly brought his along for us all to try. How he trusted us not to drop them I’ll never know but it was a such a personal touch that really elevated the tour to the next level.

I’ve never felt three and a half hours go by so fast. If I could, I’d go back and do it again tomorrow. A massive thank you to Mike and Chris for giving up their free time to show us around. It was a magical experience for everyone there, we are all fired up for Monday Night Football.

Back at the Bnb now for power naps, the Power and Light district awaits us later…

One thought on “Kingdoms Unite – Tour Diary – Day 2

  1. My biggest regret was not meeting my hero,Len Dawson..they had just named the commentary suite in his honour..Have they got anything else for the great man..AA #16

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