Kingdoms Unite – Tour Diary – Day 3

New Friends and Old.

Well, where were we? Last time out we were on our way to Power and Light. You’re a friendly bunch Kansas City. Then again, a lot of people would be curious when they see a bunch of lads in Hawaiian shirts, some wearing kilts, out on a Saturday night.

We had a great night out, personally I loved Howl at the Moon. Dueling pianos with various people swapping between playing them and all different kinds of music. That’s my kind of place.

I think it’s fair to say there were some slightly fragile bodies getting up on Sunday morning. That was our no daytime plans day. We seem to have struck a good mix between us all meeting up and groups going off to do their own thing. I went down to Olathe to visit friends, some were to be found back in Power and Light, some down in Westport.

Bu the main event for Sunday was getting everyone back together for another social evening very kindly hosted by Neta and Terry, two of our longstanding friends and the very essence of what Arrowheads Abroad is all about, bringing Chiefs fans from around the world together and making new friends because of it.

Neta put on a fantastic spread for us, we spent the evening ‘visiting’ just enjoying the company of like-minded folks.

A relatively early night was had in preparation for the main event of the weekend tomorrow. It’s a marathon, not a sprint here and you can peak too soon. We’ll be headed out to Arrowhead for gates opening at 2:15pm or earlier if they open them before that. I’ve seen pictures of the spread that’s being put on for us and it looks epic. We’ve TV crews coming out, hopefully a live podcast to do in the morning although my voice sounds like Barry White right now so I’m not sure how well that will go. It’s going to be a full-on day that will hopefully end in an epic beatdown of the Raiders on Monday Night Football. Although right now, the result won’t change what a great weekend we’ve had.

And, finally, my bag arrived…

One thought on “Kingdoms Unite – Tour Diary – Day 3

  1. Omg I’m coming down from Vancouver, Canada for my first ever game at Arrowhead next weekend!! Will be there for the Bills game! are you all doing a get together?? I would love to meetup!!!

    Vickie (Canada Chiefs fan)

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