Kingdoms Unite – Tour Diary – Day 4


What. A. Day. It doesn’t really matter what I write here because I’m not going to be able to make you understand just how beyond your imagination the day we had was. It started out back at Mildred’s for breakfast with Andrew, shortly after joined by Owen and Amy.

It’s funny meeting people you’ve talked to for years and feel like you know but had never met before. After another great breakfast we headed down to Rally House for some essential pre-game retail therapy. Every Chiefs item of clothing you never knew you needed. Purchases were made all round. Then everyone back to the Frat House to get ready for tailgating.

I made sure I was in the same Uber as Owen, I was like a Dad at Christmas watching his kids open their presents as we approached the stadium for Owen’s first view. His reaction didn’t disappoint, a grin from ear to ear.

I can’t begin to get across to you the smell as you walk across the parking lots. We were in Lot D over the far side from where we’d been dropped off. Probably the best place to be, in the shade under the trees, it was a hot one out there!

A massive thank you has to go out to Dan Joy for the amazing spread that was put on, we were so well looked after by so many people that I can’t begin to name them all, but Dan was the Man.

We were joined by McKenzie from KHSB 41 News for the afternoon, checking back in with the studio on regular occasions and interviewing us all. There was a real party atmosphere for 4 hours before we started to head into the stadium. Excitement level was palpable as we went in.

If I’d been watching the game at home at 2 in the morning, I’d probably have had a different experience and been quite pissed off at what I was watching, but the atmosphere inside was like nothing I’ve witnessed before and I’ve been to plenty of NFL games around the country.

The bogus roughing the passer call on Chris Jones lit a fire under the crowd and the players. The crowd were genuinely hostile towards the ref and his crew. But they deserved ever bit of it.

The Chiefs suddenly woke up and started to play, the game ebbed back and forth for a while but the good guys prevailed in the end. My ears are still ringing the following day and my voice is a hollow shell of what it normally is.

We hung out in the stadium for a while and then in the car park for ages as we tried to find a way back into the city. Eventually we made it but KC needs to be better organized if the Draft and World Cup are coming to town.

I’m sure everyone that was there will join me in thanking Duncan for all his hard work and all the organizing he did, even if he has the spreadsheets skills of a serial killer. I think the trip was everything we hoped it would be and more.

It’s home time now. I’m in Chicago airport with Callum, hanging out while we wait for our connection to Dublin. Land at 5am and then real life begins again. But the memories of this weekend will remain a long time.

Until next time Kansas City.

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