Ridiculous Rushes and Improbable Completions – Week 10

I had the week off from the Twitter machine during the game this week. 6pm kick offs suck when you’ve a young family. Tommo took the reigns and a while into the game he tweeted this

So, Tommo, this one’s for you.

The Kadarius Toney Show

I have to admit, I was underwhelmed when I heard the Chiefs had traded a 3rd and 6th for a Giants WR. I can’t say I watch many Giants games, we’d dealt for an oft injured player with attitude problems as far as I could see. The response on t’internet was mixed too. I asked a trusted source and was told to have faith, Toney was far better than anyone we would have picked up at the back end of the 3rd round and there was no better coaching staff for him to play under than the kings of reclamation projects in Andy Reid and Brett Veach.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the lack of jet sweeps that could really help open up the running game and possibly slow down a pass rusher or two.

Toney has the ball with 3 blockers in front of him and 3 defenders. Result, 32 yard gain on the jet sweep. Now some of this has to be taken with a grain of salt, the Jags defence was awful and were shredded all afternoon in a variety of ways. But if Andy can come up with a few of these manufactured touches a game, chances are with Toney’s speed and agility he’s going to break one of them for a decent gain. Just thinking out loud, but how about Hardman running in the opposite direction with the option for Toney to flip a reverse to him. Sell out to stop Toney and Hardman would have a ton of room to run into. Don’t sell out to stop Toney and he gashes you instead. No good options for the defence there.

He was also targeted 5 times in the pass game, hauling in 4 receptions for 57 yards. Want to him to high point a back shoulder kind of throw? No problem.

Want to just pass it to him in the flat and let him do his stuff? Sure thing

Or my favorite of the day. As a defence, giving someone 20 yards of space to catch the ball in is certainly a novel tactic. Not one I’d recommend though.

Toney had 8.7 yards after catch per reception. According to NextGen Stats, his expected yards after catch should have been 3.5. He was making things happen on his own. All positive signs.

All told this was a very successful outing for the Chiefs offence. They only scored 27 points but were in complete control of the game, the Jags zone coverage was obliterated time and time again for chunk gains in the passing game. Having finally decided to stick to a primary running back, something we’ve been calling for on the podcast for weeks, Isaah Pacheco had 82 yards rushing on 16 carries at 5.1 yards a pop against a talented front 7. That’s exactly the kind of production the Chiefs need to keep this offence balanced and the opposition defence honest.

And yes Tommo, Clyde really did see the field for 4 snaps and no carries…

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