Arrowheads Abroad - A Brief History

The idea of Arrowheads Abroad was born on the 27th February 2013.

After a dismal 2012 campaign, coverage of the Chiefs in the UK was at an all time low. Wanting to meet other fans Tom Childs took to Twitter, this is where he met fellow UK Chiefs fan Matt Phillips. Having shared frustrations over the lack of coverage of the Chiefs in the UK, they decided that the best way to grow our fan base over this side of the pond was to create an online community through social media. Since those early days in 2013 Arrowheads Abroad has gained over 6000 followers through a variety of social media accounts.

After the success of our social media movement the next natural step was a website. The statement below has been taken from our very first blog post in May 2013.

The aim of the site is to bring all fans the very latest news and opinions on the Chiefs from fans far and wide. The website is a way that each and every fan can express their opinions through writing blog posts and contributing to the site in various ways. If anyone is interested in writing for the site then please do not hesitate in getting in touch and we’ll set you up right away. In time we hope we can reach a sustainable number of users and that we can start to organise get together’s.

Speaking of get together’s, we staged our first meet up in January 2014 at the No1 Sports bar in London. Eight of us enjoyed 3 quarters of football before that catastrophic 4th quarter against the Colts. To date Arrowheads Abroad has held 14 meets that has included watch parties, flag football and pub meets.

Working in partnership with the team, we launched the hugely successful Kingdoms Unite campaign for the Chiefs trip to London. After the success of the campaign, Arrowheads Abroad was officially recognised by the Chiefs as their ‘UK supporters club’.

As a result of the success from the London game, the next logical step for the group was a trip across the pond to the see their beloved Chiefs at Arrowheads Stadium. In 2017, that dream became a reality. A group of over 25 fans from Arrowheads Abroad made the trip for the week 4 game against the Washington Redskins. In a weekend full of beer and BBQ, with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, a last second Harrison Butker field goal ensured it’s a weekend that will live long in the memories of those who made the trip.

We see our selves as a family here at Arrowheads Abroad, and encourage all of you to join in. Hopefully one day we will get to meet you all in person and share our love for the Chiefs.