About Us

Duncan Smart

Unconfirmed only wearer of an Andy Reid tattoo in the UK. Mostly found tweeting in a Scottish accent from the AA account. Travis Kelce is my spirit animal.

Neil Blair

Long suffering Chiefs fan, seen here in his natural habitat with Jack and coke and a bbq donut at 9am. Never been happier than in this pic (excluding wedding day of course…). Known for a disrespect of running backs and a sarcastic nature.

Tommo Neary

The Peaky Blinder running back connoisseur, no one can replace Kareem Hunt, thinks Hardman is trash.

Owen Widdowson

Not the longest tenured Chiefs fan at AA. But before you ask, he liked them before Mahomes. Close to losing his Arrowhead virginity, be gentle with him.

Chris White

Northern beer swiller, and an avid fan of college ball. Loves a good hybrid DT/Edge