Gold Membership 2018

Arrowheads Abroad is proud to announce it’s new and improved membership package for 2018. Join now for a chance to win exclusive prize giveaways full of Kansas City Chiefs merchandise and autographed memorabilia, and take advantage of new and improved discount offers from approved business partners. Plus with a new members only blog on the brand new Arrowheads Abroad website, this year promises to involve YOU like never before.

We believe wherever you are in the world there is always a piece of Chiefs Kingdom in every country, on every continent. Arrowheads Abroad aims to bring together the international Chiefs community in one place where we can share our passion for the Kansas City Chiefs. We want to know about YOU and your own piece of Chiefs Kingdom because every piece builds a bigger picture, so to help us do that we’ve decided to create the brand new Arrowheads Abroad YouTube channel for our members to send us their own videos telling us their stories about their own piece of Chiefs Kingdom. We will also be using the Arrowheads Abroad YouTube channel to do live prize giveaways so you’ll know instantly if you have won an awesome prize.

Every Arrowheads Abroad Gold member will receive the new 2018 membership pack which includes:

* Your unique membership number (Member renewals will keep their own unique membership number).

* Exclusive Arrowheads Abroad bottle opener key ring (handy for those wild tailgate parties).

* Exclusive Arrowheads Abroad sticker pack.

* Inclusion into ALL Arrowheads Abroad prize draws with a chance to win signed Chiefs jerseys, helmets and even Chiefs NFL cards!

* Inclusion in our Gold member only pick’em league and prediction competitions.

* All Gold members can submit their own videos to be added to the brand new Arrowheads Abroad YouTube channel, tell us about your own piece of Chiefs Kingdom and share it to the world!

* Your own member profile added to the members section of the brand new Arrowheads Abroad website.

* Ability to purchase & customise your very own Arrowheads Abroad jersey with your name and unique membership number on the front and back (thank you to our friends at Nuola).

The best part about this is that the membership fee will be just £20 FOR THE YEAR! (That works out at just 5p per day!). More membership content than we had in 2017 but for the same price!

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