Duncan, Owen and Neil are joined by Amy to get hyped up because WE’RE ALL GOING TO KANSAS CITY THIS WEEKEND!!!! We talk vegetarian bbq, weekend plans and even talk a little football.

Week 3 – There’s no word for Chiefsing

Owen, Tommo and Neil get together to figure out who won or lost the Chargers game and try to understand how the Chiefs are only 5 point favourites against the Colts.

Week 2 – Short Weeks Late Nights

Duncan, Neil and Chris get together to figure out if the Chiefs are good or the Cardinals are bad. Then we look forward to Thursday night and the visit of the Chargers.

Week 1 – Bring on the Cardinals

Duncan, Tommo, Neil and Bow the dog get together to have a last look through the bloodbath that will be the AFC and to talk all things Cardinals before Sunday evening. 4 more sleeps…

It’s been a while…

The return of Owen, Duncan and Neil to chew over the Chiefs free agency moves and laugh at the Raiders doing what they do best.

Super Bowl Preview

Duncan, Tommo and Neil get together to talk essential Super Bowl breakdown. How long is the ideal power nap? When should you start/stop drinking alcohol? Who the hell is singing the national anthem? All this and more…

AFC Champions

Tommo and Neil get together to discuss, well, for Neil to rant about the AFC Championship game. You’d never guess we’re going to the Super Bowl…

Browns Insta Reaction

Emergency Podcast Alert
Neil and Duncan have a somewhat drunken ramble through the ebbs and flows of the victory over the Browns.

Chargers Review Wild Card Preview

Neil, Owen and Tommo get together to briefly dwell on the 3rd string preseason outing against the Chargers and to make our bold predictions for the Wild Card round.

Falcons Review Chargers Preview

Duncan, Owen and Neil get together to discuss why we don’t eat turkey more often, if it’s a bad thing to win 10 games in a row and our exciting New Years Eve plans…

Saints Review Falcons Preview

Neil and Owen get together to figure out how the playoffs are taking shape and try and figure just how do you approach stopping the Chiefs?

Dolphins Review Saints Preview

Neil and Tommo join forces to look back at another victory and ponder what the Saints are actually good at.

Broncos Review Dolphins Preview

Owen, Duncan and Neil get together to discuss the, er, highlights of the Broncos game and look forward to a key visit to Miami.

Raiders Review Bucs Preview

Owen, Tommo and Neil breathe a collective sigh of relief over beating the Raiders and look forward to Mahomes v Brady part 4…


Panthers Review and mid season thoughts

Owen, Duncan and Neil go back over the Panthers game and look back on the season so far. Plus bonus content of movie reviews and top uniforms. Still no mention of the election if you need an hours escape…


Jets Review Panthers Preview

Owen and Neil get together to discuss the Jets, er, surprising game plan, look forward to the Panthers with cutting insight and cover some breaking news thanks to the ghost of Tommo. And not a mention of the election in sight if you want to escape…

Broncos Review – Jets Preview

Owen, Duncan and Neil spend far longer than planned discussing beating bad teams. We still make time for some listeners questions though…

Bills Review – Broncos Preview

Owen, Tommo and Neil get together to assess the dismissal of Buffalo and the Dismal Donkeys. Tommo reveals some big news…

Raiders Review – Bills Preview

Duncan, Tommo and Neil get together to sift through the wreckage of Sundays loss to the Raiders and look forward to a tough test against the Bills. With a little Le’Veon Bell talk too.

Patriots Review – Raiders Preview

Owen, Tommo and Neil get together to discuss how the Patriots became so bad so quickly, how the Raiders are always that bad and what happens next with Covid.

Ravens Review – Patriots Preview

Duncan, Owen & Tommo get together to reflect on the Chiefs downing the Ravens. We pat ourselves on the back for predicting a Big Man touchdown and get rather bullish on the Chiefs prospects looking ahead.

How do you solve a problem like the Chiefs? Spoiler Alert : We don’t think you can!

Chargers Review – Ravens Preview

Owen, Tommo and Neil get together for a phenomenal podcast looking back on how it must feel to be a Chargers fan and just why power rankings don’t matter.

Chargers Review Ravens Preview

Texans Review – Chargers Preview

Owen and Neil get together to look back on the dismantling of the Houston Texans in week one and look ahead to the first visit to the Chargers new stadium in week two.


All good things come to an end. Brad, Tom and Dave have been keeping us entertained on a whole range of subjects over the past years, but they’ve moved on and the baton has been passed on to the next generation. Taking up the challenge are Neil Blair, Tom Neary, Duncan Smart and Owen Widdowson plus hopefully some special guest appearances from the veterans of the scene.

Each week we’ll be discussing all things Chiefs with our own East Atlantic perspective. I don’t doubt we’ll branch out into other subjects too. Who knows? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out…

As with all good podcasts this one is still available on all of the usual channels including Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud. Just search ‘Arrowheads Abroad’. If you like what you hear, then hit the subscribe button, and if you’re feeling extra generous maybe even leave us a 5* review!

We promise you there still isn’t another Kansas City Chiefs podcast like this one.

These guys manage to find new ways to make me laugh every week! Even through the horrible losses. Definitely the most unique Chiefs podcast around.

ChiefsBeChiefs via Stitcher

Fun chat by 3 good dudes who take the Chiefs seriously but certainly not themselves! Highly recommended. Oh and it has one of the best intros of any podcast out there!

Duncan Smart on iTunes